Behold the perfect white orb. Grasp it by its tender stem, hold it to your eye; see the world in the spaces between its stars. Now. Transform the orb—and yourself—into… Read more >

The Vigil for Omelas

A Cento in Tribute to Ursula K. Le Guin I heard this story. a playwright is elected president.⁠ he went looking for a road night falls. The rainbow people pass… Read more >


I AM STANDING IN THE BEATING SUN UNSURE OF WHICH WAY TO GO. At some point, I will have to take care of business, to answer the call of duty… Read more >

A Brief History of Her Pain

                              I will keep Broken Things.                               I will keep You:                               Pilgrim of Sorrow                               I will keep Myself… Read more >

Razing Boys

They come like a murder of crows.  Six still small boys toting toy guns shaped like semi-automatics.  A troop of tousled hair and soccer shorts, they descend on the playground… Read more >